What's a sugar spider? Suikerspin is the Dutch word for cotton candy. Sugar Spider is the super literal translation, and just creepy enough to thrill me! 

Why sugar spider? This line began because I felt like there was a need for truly exquisite scents with an exclusively gourmand focus. I also feel strongly about drawing “inspiration”  from other peoples’ cultures. Exploring European desserts and seasonal customs has been the perfect way to source sweet inspiration and explore my German/Irish/Flemish/French roots.

How does it work? We offer 13 carefully nuanced "single notes" in our creamy, foaming, vegan body scrub formula (8 year-round, 2 seasonal, and 3 sugar free.)  You select up to 4 of these single notes (with the drop down menus) and we layer a bespoke trifle just for you. 

When is the full menu available? 11 of our staple scents are available year-round. We reserve 2 slots for rotating seasonal scents. These two debut one month before the calendar start of each scent, and are available for 3 months.

Who's sugar spider? Sugar Spider is the brainchild of Brooke Perry (née Stant) currently at B. Perry Studios.

Where is this stuff? Made in Kentucky like bourbon and bluegrass.