What makes Sugar Spider different? We are committed to being cruelty-free, gender-free, planet-friendly, and free of ugly ingredients. We don't use parabens, sulfates, phthalates, endocrine disrupters, silicones, or plastic microbeads. We are also environmentally conscious in our daily work practices, recycling and reusing everything possible. 

Who is behind this brand? Sugar Spider is currently owned by Jason Romero & Julia Romero. We are proud to be small, handmade, and family-owned. Sugar Spider was originally created by Brooke Perry, the genius originator of Villainess Soaps aka Villainess Alchemy.

Why create your own scents? You will find the same standard fragrance oils or "stock oils" throughout the bath & body world, often creatively renamed. We wanted something different! So we created our own unique scents from scratch using time honored perfumery techniques.

Are the scents the same for perfumes and other products? Yes, they're exactly the same. This is part of Sugar Spider's magic. We create beautiful, unique, perfume quality scents and put them all over your beautiful, unique body. 

Where are you located? We're in Washington, in the individualistic, irreverent Pacific Northwest just like Riot grrrls, Bigfoot, and grunge. 

How long will my order take? We ship most orders in 5 business days or less. But if you're in a hurry, let us know! We'll do what we can. 

How do I reach you? Email is best: spiderscrubs@gmail.com. 

How does it work? We offer a selection of gorgeous scents created by Julia Romero, the veteran indie perfumer behind Arcana Wildcraft, with 21 years of experience in the field, and by Claire Baxter, the brilliant award-winning indie perfumer behind Sixteen92. These are available in 5 ml perfumes as well as in our cruelty-free body scrub formula and our creamy ganaches (think whipped soap). You can grab the scrubs & ganaches in 3 affordable sizes or select up to 4 of these notes (with the drop down menus) and we will layer a custom sugar scrub just for you. 

When is the full menu available? Our staple scents are available year-round. We reserve 2 slots for rotating seasonal scents. These two debut one month before the calendar start of each scent, and are available for 3 months.

Why did the price go up so much for the custom layered scrubs? Because they were unsustainable at the old price. The new price reflects the amount of work that goes into creating individually layered scrubs just for you. And with our new single note scrubs in 3 sizes, you can still exfoliate affordably. 🕷️🩷