Dessert Menu

Specialties (Exfoliating Options)

  • Briarberry - Sweet black and razz berries, with prickly tomato leaf.
  • Black Honey - Dark, waxy, wildflower honey.
  • Burnt Sugar -  Rich, melt in your mouth custard, and a caramelized crème brûlée crunch.
  • Coconut Ash - Cool, creamy, blackened, coconut milk.
  • Devil's Food - Dark chocolate, more chocolate, some cake, and a bitter splash of espresso.
  • Ghost Chocolate - Stark white chocolate haunted with a breath of cardamom.
  • Suikerspin - Fluffy pink strands of spun sugar.
  • Supernova - Big wet smacks of watermelon pinkness, juicy strawberry, and cherry slush.

Winter  (November 21 - February 21)

  • Peppermint Schtick - Traditional red and white stripes. That sweet, tired gimmick.
  • Speculoos - Sweet, syrupy, gingery, shortbread cooky.

Ganache (Smooth Cream Options)

  • Blue Marshmello - Sweet, sticky, marshmallow fluff.
  • Butter Cream - Rich, buttery, artery clogging, butter cream.
  • Chantilly Crème  - Smooth, sweet vanilla bean and other delights.

Spring  (February 21 - May 21)

  • Lavande Noire - Sultry Provençal lavender warmed with sticky black resins.
  • Dead Lilacs - Sweet purple buds pushing through winter’s chill earth.

Summer (May 21 - August 21)

  • Blood Orange - Sweet, red, citrus with a breath of neroli.
  • Saturn Peach - Out of this world, succulent, dripping, tree-warm peach.

Fall (August 21 - November 21)

  • Blond Sugar - Raw, molasses heavy sugar, layered with sheer, golden tobacco leaf.
  • Pinup Pumpkin - Creamy pumpkin, tangy cheesecake, a sweet caramel sauce, and a flirty touch of spice.

Sidecars (seasonal stand-alones) 

  • Sadberries - Frozen blue raspberry slush.
  • Fineapples - Sweet pineapple with a summery kiss of green mango.

Candy Cluster (membership exclusives)

  • Chocolate Fudge Ganache - Rich, thick, sticky, chocolate frosting. 
  • Yellow Cake (Arcana Wildcraft's Layering Note)  - The scent of a sweet, golden bakery cake.